At the moment we have about 30 people - from 1 to 75 years of age, living in Keuruu Ecovillage. The middle age of adults is 35 years. The Ecovillage is mainly sustained by our voluntary work.

Keuruu Ecovillage is politically and religiously unattached. We welcome all spiritual values but do not follow any specific doctrine. We respect everyone's choice but do not support converting.

How to become a member?

We accept new members to the community. People who are interested in becoming a member of Keuruu Ecovillage first come to visit the Ecovillage for two days. The aim of this first visit is to get to know the community and people who live here and to receive all the information needed to make a decision about moving here.

After this first visit the community decides whether the person can come to live here for a two-week period. After the two-week period a decision is made about six months residency. After that one can be accepted as a member of Keuruu Ecovillage Association.

Although most of our people understand and speak English, the main language in our daily life is Finnish. Therefore one who wishes to live in Keuruu Ecovillage should learn at least the basics of Finnish language.

The Keuruu Ecovillage farm consists of 53 hectares of land, of which half is organically cultivated field and the rest is forest.

We grow most of our food, for example vegetables, potaoes and herbs organically. We cook mainly vegetarian food.

Our sustainable way of living includes recycling, composting and the use of sustainable energies.

There are about 30 buildings in the area of Keuruu Ecovillage. The oldest wooden buildings date back to the beginning of 19th century and represent a typical example of Finnish countryside and farming. The dormitory is built in the beginning of 20th century and the main building is about 30 years old.

Art, music and other activities in Ecovillage

Art and music are a part of daily life for many of our inhabitants. We've got plenty of room for free-time activities including indoor and outdoor sports, playing and listening to music and making many kinds of art.